My name is Randy Rushton. I have been in the remodeling and building industry for over 30 years. From the time I was a young boy I worked with my Dad remodeling wholesale showrooms. As I got older I apprenticed in many trades: electrical, plumbing, auto body and paint, tile setting, all of the flooring trades, framing, exterior siding and a few others. I had just become lead carpenter of a large commercial foundation setting company, when I met my mentor, the owner, operator of a remodeling company in Parker, CO. He was a union master cabinet maker and earned a MBA in college. He took me under his wing for 5 years and to this day I considered that time my remodeling college education. I have been in the business and the remodeling trade ever since. I have worked under so many masters of their trades and they taught me not to compromise quality at any cost. I don’t cut corners and I don’t hire someone or buy a product just because of a lower price.

To schedule a free consultation and estimate, please fill out the contact form or if you prefer, set up an appointment by calling me at 720-891-1866. I am happy to supply a list of references.

How it all started
I started Custom by Rushton in 1994 and have stayed busy on a referral basis ever since. On jobs where I have help, I personally inspect everything before delivery. I have always taken a strong part in the design process, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive external consultation by architects and designers. This makes it possible for my customers and I to make certain decisions during the project when ideas are easier to conceptualize. I am an artist as well as an artisan, and I embrace the flexibility of design during construction instead of frowning upon it as many builders do.

What sets me apart from others
Another aspect that sets me apart from others is that I’ve been working with reclaimed materials and architectural antiques since I was a young boy. This has given me a vast knowledge of how older things were made, how they work, and how and where to acquire them. Custom by Rushton has a strong recycling policy and holds all subcontractors to the same rules.

My subcontractors
My subcontractors are professionals I have been working with for years. They have become trusted friends and allies in problem solving and getting jobs done accurately and timely. I live in the metro Denver area and primarily serve it, but increasingly I handle referrals from all over the United States.